Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Minggu Muzik Malaysia 2019 to Host “Concert in the Air”

Ayda Jebat; one of Minggu Muzik Malaysia’s Star Artistes who will be onboard the “Concert in the Air” for her live performance

Minggu Muzik Malaysia (MMM) 2019 will be attempting an entry to the Malaysia Book of Records for “Concert in the Air” as the “Highest Altitude Live Music Performance” onboard an AirAsia flight in collaboration with Travel360.com from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, featuring multi-award-winning singer and actress Ayda Jebat. The event is proudly supported by its official credit card, AirAsia Credit Card and official mineral water, Spritzer in celebration of its 30th anniversary.

Ayda Jebat is a well-loved Malaysian singer and actress, whose singing career launched to success with her hit “Siapa Diriku” naming her artiste of the month throughout several top radio stations. Her following singles “Pencuri Hati” and “Mata” topped the charts in Malaysia, leading her to win multiple prestigious awards such as Anugerah Planet Muzik 2018 and Anugerah Digital Muzik ERA 2017.

Sylvester Fan; Organising Chairman of Minggu Muzik Malaysia 2019 gives his speech at the launch of Minggu Muzik Malaysia back in April. 

More Info with Minggu Muzik Malaysia on social media:

The backbone of Minggu Muzik Malaysia with MMM 2019 Organising Chairman Sylvester Fan. Partners and supporting partners MRCA; Datuk Garry Chua, PUMM; Nelson Beh, SKOWT; Khai Aziz, Potboy; Eddie Chew, Fave; Tay Eng Shan, F&B Connects; Ivy Hew, 8excite; Nick Foo, Nerd Unit; Ronald Chew, AirAsia BIG; Liew Wai Fun, Travel 360; Kat D’souza, bbKLCC; Jessie Goo, Astro Radio; Jing Yau. Artists Dennis Lau, Rabbit Mac, FS (Fuying & Sam), Priscilla Abby and Hujan.

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